Heavenly Bother

by Tracy Chapstick

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Growing up my mom and dad

wasted time trying to make me into

something I should have never been.

Rebellious youth has it’s charm.

But, we all know it does more harm than good.

Especially when it’s done to you.

Speaking tongues and tonguing girls

behind the air conditioner outside

hoping youth group doesn’t notice that we’re gone.

Father, son, and holy ghost.

Single file down the rows.

You might mistake it for a cult.

I assure you. Mom and dad it’s not your fault.

You were trying so hard to leave me a piece of you.

and I assure you. Jesus christ it’s all your fault.

Did you really go die or ruin my family's life like it was nothing at all.

I know it sounds lame.

Like I am trying to fit in with these pop punk/emo sons of bitches.

Who are writing better songs than me.

You know my childhood wasn’t all that bad.

I just spent 16 bullshit years believing a fairytale.

Build me up and beat me down.

I’ll put a bullet through your crown.

Or kick the leg out from your throne and laugh.

Yeah. God, if you can hear me in your cloud of false perception.

Let us see you or just stay the hell away.

If I could see you, then all those years wouldn’t be in vain.

All those deaths would still remain but at least mean something.

Because right now, you’re little puppies run so scared

from the threat of hell into your warm embrace.

Maybe I can stay away.

Just ignore my yesterday.

Keep on moving forward from my past.

Maybe I can realize

all the things I keep inside

that make me think that I’ll become my dad.

Singing all these songs.

I would say playing but I can’t even strum a chord

without hitting one dead note.

Trying hard to recognize

all the things I keep inside

that have me running back to a door that’s closed.


released December 25, 2016
Written by: Landon Maloney

Guitar/Vocals: Landon Maloney
Bass/Vocals: Erin Silva
Drums: Ryan Williams

Guitar Lead: Jim Whitman

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by: Andrew Fuscha

Bobo Records 2016



all rights reserved


Tracy Chapstick Wilmington, Delaware

Ryan Williams: Drum bangin'.
Landon Maloney: Guitar, Sangin'.
Jim Whitman: Guitar riffage.
Erin Silva: Bass shreddin'

We are not a band. We are the band. SUCKAS.

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